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An award winning animation studio based in Bangkok & London.  Our vision is to create the fantastic. Bringing films to life with amazing animation, characters and narrative.  Our production house mixes film, animation, puppets and visual effects to make beautiful award winning films.




During pre-production, whether there is a loose creative brief or a fully researched script, our in-house Directors and Producers are highly experienced in expanding an idea to reach the best possible final concept and script ideas for your proposed budget and schedule.
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During production time we have an international team of producers who are adept at navigating the most challenging creative concepts. Whether we are creating animation, filming puppetry and supervising visual effects for film, nice monster have got everything covered. Enabling our Directors craft and creativity to shine.
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Post Production

Nice Monster is a full service production company. We have our own state-of-the-art production and post-production facilities, our core skills centred around animation and VFX techniques. Our award winning editors and VFX monsters will ensure your film stands out from the crowd.
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If you have a juicy animation or film project we can dig our teeth into, drop us an EMAIL